The future of Mozilla Hacks

During the last year, we’ve seen a 330% improvement in the number of unique visitors for Mozilla Hacks, and out of those, we saw a lot of new readers as well. Thank you!

Here at Mozilla Hacks we are constantly working on improving the blog, and I thought I’d talk a little about us and where we’re heading.

What Mozilla Hacks is

Mozilla Hacks is one of Mozilla’s most important channels for developer outreach and engagement, and the goal is to be one of the key resources for people developing for the Open Web; talking about both news and in-depth descriptions of technologies and features. Topics here will range from tips and tricks for developers to technical insights for Mozilla products and upcoming standards.

Just like with MDN (Mozilla Developer Network), we want it to be a web browser agnostic resource, focused on the Open Web and sharing knowledge with all web developers out there.

Mozilla Hacks is not a press release channel – it our way to share information and engage in communication with you!

In line with being Mozilla we want to be as open as possible and share as much information as we can, e.g. most popular posts, number of readers and more.

Guidelines and goals

In the Mozilla Hacks blog guidelines and goals document, everything from our goals and visions to author responsibilities and behavior guidelines are covered. We want to be open with how we work, and share the process with you. One very important aspect there is how we treat each other:

If you ask a question here in a comment or give feedback, you deserve a reply from us. And when we talk about things – even though we might disagree – we should always expect to be met with respect and a proper behavior.

A dedicated Editor

I have just taken over as the Editor of Mozilla Hacks, and I will work hard to make it both an excellent resource for you as well as a place where you know you will be able to learn and take part in the conversation. If you have any feedback, good or bad, about the blog, please contact me at robnyman [at] mozilla [dot] com.

Some of the things we’ve done so far:

  • Removed the CAPTCHA for commenting. We want discussing and commenting to be as easy as possible, and using the CAPTCHA was far from optimal for anyone. Now it’s gone!
  • Guidelines and responsibilities are described in public
  • We created the GitHub repository for developers to look at, fork and use the code we have in blog posts
  • We’re looking into localization, to make the content available to as many as possible
  • We’re working on how to get the best metrics for Mozilla Hacks, and will share data on that as we progress

Write for Mozilla Hacks!

When it comes to content here, we have a good mix of authors and knowledge. However, to make it even more diverse, if you have skills within a field and want to reach a large audience, please contact me about writing for Mozilla Hacks!
And if you are interested in sharing something, but not sure about the writing or comments, please talk to me! I’m here, and I will help you make it happen!

What do you think?

We hope this sounds good to you! I would also love to hear from you what you like or don’t like with Mozilla Hacks, and any idea you have of how it might improve.

Just write a comment below or e-mail me at the above address. Let’s talk!

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