The Best Way to Run Internet Explorer on your Mac

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10 thoughts on “The Best Way to Run Internet Explorer on your Mac

  1. hpc01

    Got IE6,7,8 to work, but now I’m testing some JS and it seems I”m getting different results than some of the online testing tools (IEnetrenderer as an example.) Have you noticed any differences on how this treats JS? Thanks again for the videos.

  2. billaddison82

    Second that: Does IE6/7/8 in this app render the same as native versions?

    I currently use Parallels with native versions of these browsers to test.

  3. K3ND4LL01

    Can anyone confirm that this renders IE7 100% accurately, I have dropped support for IE6 now so not worried.

    My current solution was a cheap old PC bought from ebay that already had ie6 on it, I then bought a cheap old version of XP from ebay and had it running on a partition with IE7 installed, I then set up web sharing on my mac and accessed the mac via the pc through the free version of MAMP, it works great and I am getting true rendering from IE6 and 7.

  4. hpc01

    Had an error with installation, generated a log file.. not sure if anyone has had this issue as well, with IE6 installation: ” Task returned with status 15. ” Thanks for the video Jeffrey, hopefully I figure out what is going on.

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