The Art of Reinventing Your Personal Brand and Five things to Stop Doing for 2012

Interview with Dorie Clark, CEO of Clark Strategic Communications and author “What’s Next: The Art of Reinventing Your Personal Brand”

In this five minute interview with Dorie Clark, a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, Forbes and the Huffington Post Dorie shares some key insights from the book and five things that she recommends for 2012.

A few of the walk-aways include:

* Her experiences in the corporate trenches
* How to change and control perceptions about yourself
* A process making clear what your destination is
* Evaluate your skills
* Develop a narrative
* Way’s to re introduce yourself strategically
* Prove your worth

Five things to stop doing for 2012

* Stop responding like a trained monkey
* Stop mindless traditions
* Stop reading annoying things
* Stop doing work that’s not worth it
* Stop making things more complicated than they should be

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