Texas State Technical College STARS

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7 thoughts on “Texas State Technical College STARS

  1. turbofanman1

    This is gay? what are you? some kind of roofer or something? sorry superpower-type countries build educational institutions to yield useful people in this world…I study in CANADA for one the most professional trades existant, and it happens to be instructed here too. aircraft maintenance engineering…over here we are AME’s, over there the airplane engineers are called A&P’s(airframe/powerplant) mechanics

  2. nuage7777

    Texas! No more McBush! Stop the drama, vote OBAMA! 8 years of “Bushshit” was enough! It’s OBAMA time!

  3. sunnyricebun

    I live in Killeen,Texas. this is close to where I live.
    I wanna be a CIT (computer information technology)

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