W3C Workshop on Web and Virtual Reality: A Look Ahead

The W3C Workshop on Web & Virtual Reality was a massive success. In an unprecedented showing, all the major browser vendors and some of the biggest names in technology rallied around a single vision to help reshape how we will work and interact with the web of the future through VR.

The atmosphere throughout the event was positively electric. The ideas presented and the enthusiasm was inspiring.

Sean White, Senior VP of Emerging Technology at Mozilla, presented a keynote on the important long-view of WebVR and how upholding core web values of being open, accessible, and democratic will define the future VR web.



A big thanks!

The organizers acknowledge with deep gratitude the efforts of those who helped with the organization and execution of this workshop.

Special thanks go to the members of the Program Committee for their support and contributions, the workshop host for providing us with top-notch meeting facilities, and to sponsors for their support. Equally, the unsung heroes, our scribes, who helped document the various sessions, as well as to the media crew.

And finally, all the participants who collectively made the workshop such a productive, positive, inspiring and also fun event – you all deserve a big thank you and a pat on the back.

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Firefox OS App Workshop Prague

Back in March, Mozilla tech evangelist Frédéric Harper visited Prague in the Czech Republic and gave a talk at the local Prague JavaScript meetup. His presentation, Empower Mobile Web Developers With JavaScript and WebAPI introduced a roomful of Czech JavaScripters to Firefox OS, Open Web Apps, and our recent integration with Apache Cordova and Adobe PhoneGap. PhoneGap/Cordova developers who’ve built native apps for other platforms and stores can now port PhoneGap-built apps to Firefox OS.

Just as sure as the coming of summer, Firefox OS is coming to the Czech Republic in 2014, and Fred and friends are heading back to Prague to host a full-day, invitation-only Firefox OS App Workshop on Saturday, June 28. There will be phones! All participants will receive a developer device to test and demo their apps, and to keep for future app development. For free.

Requirements: Show us your app

REQUIRED: To qualify for this free hands-on, technical workshop, you must be able to show us a published HTML5 app that you’re porting to Firefox OS or a working Firefox OS app in progress. Show us a link to your existing app or to working code for the app you’re building.

Apply now for the Prague App Workshop, June 28, 2014.


NOTE: If you do not provide relevant links to working app code we will not be able to consider your application. Firefox Marketplace currently offers plenty of tic-tac-toe games, sliding puzzles, calculators, and to-do list apps. We love to be impressed by new, original, and locally relevant apps, for work and play.

In the Czech Republic, we need apps that are in Czech. And if you want to extend the reach of your app by translating it to other languages, we have a pilot localization program to help you.

What to expect

This workshop is open to individual developers and teams of up to 4 people. The workshop begins with a technical introduction in English in the morning; the rest of the time is for coding and testing your app using the App Manager that’s built in Firefox Developer Tools. Bring laptops and devices.

At the close of the day, there will be demos of all the apps in progress. After demos, we’ll all go to dinner. Mozilla will provide food and drink throughout the day of the workshop, but travel and lodging arrangements are up to you. And after the workshop, we will stay in touch while you complete your apps and submit them to Firefox Marketplace.


If you don’t have a Firefox OS app in progress, here are some resources to help you get started. There’s never been a better time:

Firefox OS Workshop August 24th in Porto Alegre, Brazil – sign up now!

We’re very happy that Firefox OS phones are officially released and we’re working hard on making this an interesting platform for developers using open standardized technologies – HTML5 and JavaScript – to offer great mobile experiences.

Organizing workshops

As part of helping developers we have organized Firefox OS App Workshops in various locations before – Mountain View, London, Madrid, Bogotá, Warsaw – and now we’re coming to Porto Alegre in Brazil! It will be held August 24th, and is an invite-only event.

The idea with the workshop is to port existing web apps, or create new ones, and make sure they run on Firefox OS. Since apps are built on web technologies, porting should be easy – Open Web Apps are described more in detail in Getting started with Open Web Apps – why and how – and then you can spend time testing a number of the WebAPIs available, to give a richer experience for your app.

Applying to attend

We’re looking for developers with a strong interest in open standards and existing web development skills. If you match any of these, you’re the person/team we’re looking for!

  • Built any HTML5 mobile web site before
  • Have been working with hybrid apps through PhoneGap or similar solutions
  • Built something for webOS
  • or in general have a good experience working with web apps.

We’ll treat you to a great day of hacking and learning, and hands-on help from Mozilla people. The focus is on coding and trying things out, and naturally we’ll offer foods, drinks and such throughout the day.

And, as an extra perk, you get to test your web app on a Firefox OS phone – a Geeksphone Keon – that you get to keep at the end of the day!

So what are you waiting for? Apply now!

When choosing which applicants will be accepted, a strong preference will be given to developers porting existing apps.

And at the end of the day, we hope you will be interested in submitting your app to the Firefox Marketplace, where you can get your app featured, have users find it, sell it you are interested in that and also get a good opportunity to be among the first app creators for a brand new mobile platform.

Getting ready

To be well prepared for the workshop, we recommend that you install the Firefox OS Simulator and browse through our Simulator documentation on MDN on how to use it.

In addition to that, if you want to delve deeper, we have had a lot of articles here on Mozilla Hacks about Firefox OS in which you can find a lot more useful information.

Looking forward to seeing you in Brazil!

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Quick Left Develops Denim Purist Paradise; Launches New Website for Kicking Mule Workshop

BOULDER, Colo. Web development studio Quick Left today launched a new website for the niche denim brand Kicking Mule Workshop. In addition to a new design, social components and a hyper-clean, scalable backend, the website now offers e-commerce features, granting the labels customers instant access to the Kicking Mule Workshop line of Japanese-constructed selvage denim and hand made leather…

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