A short developer evangelism handbook update

Following a few discussions I had with the developer evangelism reps group lately, I just added a small update to the Developer Evangelism Handbook. In the “Work with your own company” I added a new section called Balance your personal and official channels.

This one gives advice why it is not a great plan to publish company specific information on your personal blog or social media channels but instead on the official, company sanctioned ones. That way you don’t cause internal controversy and leave yourself open to moving on without burdening yourself with maintenance of information you don’t control.

In short: your company’s products are not there to promote you or your blog. You are there to promote the products and bring people to where the up-to-date, officially maintained information is. That is what being a developer evangelist is about.

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Short sweet doc sprint for March

This past weekend, a small band of hardy MDN contributors pitched in for the first of a monthly series of doc sprints. This sprint was organized on fairly short notice, yet a significant amount of work was accomplished.

Web standards docs

  • Jérémie Patonnier created a bunch of API reference pages for MozMobileConnection, and SVG attributes dx and dy, and did a “crazy bunch of clean up” on the SVG documentation.
  • Michael Beckwith cleaned up writing on isNan and indexOf, and made minor touchups to :active.
  • Kevin Brosnan updated the compatibility info in Supported media formats.
  • fusionchess expanded the paragraph on passing data in Using web workers and added an example of a generic “asynchronous eval()”.

Firefox OS and Apps

  • Gangadhar Nittala made his first contribution to MDN by changing the Apps manifest article to indicate that the .webapp extension for the file is mandatory, not just recommended.
  • Jonathan Watt added a section to Preparing for your first B2G build on how to update your B2G tree.
  • nullspace further clarified in Preparing for your first B2G build that there are gigabytes of Android libraries to download, which can take tens of hours (or days).

Mozilla technology

  • Cory Gackenheimer updated Web Console for bug 623749.
  • Trevor Hobson updated Styling a tree to reflect changes in Gecko 22.
  • Florian Scholz worked on Firefox dev-doc-needed issues:
    • Documented that a Mac OS X backend for the DeviceLightEvent is now implemented.
    • Updated CanvasRenderingContext2D for the now-implemented isPointInStroke method.
    • Documented the rename of the allowfullscreen attribute of the HTML iframe element in Firefox 18 and WebKit Nightly (was prefixed).
    • Documented that DOMImplementation.hasFeature() and Node.isSupported() will always return true starting with Firefox 19.
    • Noted that createElement(null) works like createElement(“null”) starting with Firefox 19.
  • Tom Schuster worked on lots of little dev-doc-needed bugs.
  • donghao526 updated the simplified Chinese translation of The essentials of an extension.
  • darktrojan added a table about bootstrap data in Bootstrapped extensions.
  • Cykesiopka updated the join() example in Path manipulation so that the MDN and Gecko in-source documentation match.
  • the prisoner updated the French translations of Firefox 19 for developers and Firefox 20 for developers.
  • complynx fixed links to mutation observers in Mozilla event reference.
  • Ernest Chiang updated the traditional Chinese translation of Persona Quick Setup.

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Short Codes SMS | SUMOTEXT

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LogiXML Programmer Wanted for Short Term Contract!

Robert Half Technology Volo, IL
Job description: …is looking for a LogiXML Programmer for a short term contract! You must have experience programming in LogiXML, a web-based business intelligence software.Job RequirementsInterested candidates must have 3+ years… View full post on – web

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Web outlet is sold short

A business news website, meant to be funded by short-selling stocks, goes quiet amid news reports and internal recalculations. A onetime con man and a veteran newspaper reporter launched a partnership eight months ago that they hoped would be a new model for business reporting.

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