Firefox OS Workshop August 24th in Porto Alegre, Brazil – sign up now!

We’re very happy that Firefox OS phones are officially released and we’re working hard on making this an interesting platform for developers using open standardized technologies – HTML5 and JavaScript – to offer great mobile experiences.

Organizing workshops

As part of helping developers we have organized Firefox OS App Workshops in various locations before – Mountain View, London, Madrid, Bogotá, Warsaw – and now we’re coming to Porto Alegre in Brazil! It will be held August 24th, and is an invite-only event.

The idea with the workshop is to port existing web apps, or create new ones, and make sure they run on Firefox OS. Since apps are built on web technologies, porting should be easy – Open Web Apps are described more in detail in Getting started with Open Web Apps – why and how – and then you can spend time testing a number of the WebAPIs available, to give a richer experience for your app.

Applying to attend

We’re looking for developers with a strong interest in open standards and existing web development skills. If you match any of these, you’re the person/team we’re looking for!

  • Built any HTML5 mobile web site before
  • Have been working with hybrid apps through PhoneGap or similar solutions
  • Built something for webOS
  • or in general have a good experience working with web apps.

We’ll treat you to a great day of hacking and learning, and hands-on help from Mozilla people. The focus is on coding and trying things out, and naturally we’ll offer foods, drinks and such throughout the day.

And, as an extra perk, you get to test your web app on a Firefox OS phone – a Geeksphone Keon – that you get to keep at the end of the day!

So what are you waiting for? Apply now!

When choosing which applicants will be accepted, a strong preference will be given to developers porting existing apps.

And at the end of the day, we hope you will be interested in submitting your app to the Firefox Marketplace, where you can get your app featured, have users find it, sell it you are interested in that and also get a good opportunity to be among the first app creators for a brand new mobile platform.

Getting ready

To be well prepared for the workshop, we recommend that you install the Firefox OS Simulator and browse through our Simulator documentation on MDN on how to use it.

In addition to that, if you want to delve deeper, we have had a lot of articles here on Mozilla Hacks about Firefox OS in which you can find a lot more useful information.

Looking forward to seeing you in Brazil!

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Weekly HTML5 Apps Developer Resources, October 24th 2012

Weekly Resources for HTML5 Apps Developers



Bonus Link

If you find a link that you think should be included, please feel free to forward it to JStagner at Mozilla.com

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Mozilla Hacks Weekly, May 24th 2012

It’s Thursday and time for us in Mozilla’s Developer Engagement Team to share some great links!

At the end of this blog post, you also have all the Developer Engagement team members and what they work on. If you are interested in discussing more, contributing or taking part of our work, don’t hesitate to contact us or follow us on Twitter!

Weekly links

If there is anything you think we should read or know about, don’t hesitate to post a comment, contact us on Twitter or through any other means.
The picks this week are:

The Developer Engagement team

Mozilla’s Developer Engagement team work with writing articles, documentation – such as MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) – public speaking and generally helping and informing about open technologies and Mozilla products. If you are interested in following our work, here are the team members:

Christian Heilmann

Christian is Mozilla’s Principal Evangelist and is working with HTML5, Open Web, BrowserID and Developer Tools in Firefox. He is also maintaining the @mozhacks account together with Robert Nyman.

Blog: http://christianheilmann.com/
Twitter: @codepo8

Eric “Sheppy” Shepherd

Eric is the Developer Documentation Lead for the MDN documentation and everything surrounding it.

Blog: http://www.bitstampede.com/
Twitter: @sheppy

Havi Hoffman

Havi works with Mozilla Labs and WebFWD, and maintains the @mozlabs account.

Twitter: @freshelectrons.

Janet Swisher

Janet is working on MDN documentation and is organizing doc sprints to ensure we have premium quality on MDN.

Blog: http://www.janetswisher.com/
Twitter: @jmswisher.

Jean-Yves Perrier

Jean-Yves is another one of our technical writers working on MDN documentation.

Twitter: @teoli2003.

Jeff Griffiths

Jeff is working with the Add-ons SDK (Jetpack).

Blog: http://canuckistani.ca/
Twitter: @canuckistani

Joe Stagner

Joe is working with Web Apps Developer Ecosystem & Partner Engagement, HTML5 and the Open Web.

Blog: http://www.misfitgeek.com/
Twitter: @MisfitGeek

John Karahalis

John is working on Dev Derby.

Twitter: @openjck

Rob Hawkes

Rob is working on HTML5 games and the Open Web.

Blog: http://rawkes.com/
Twitter: @robhawkes

Robert Nyman

Robert is working with HTML5, Open Web, Firefox, WebAPI and maintains the @mozhacks account.

Blog: http://robertnyman.com
Twitter: @robertnyman

Shezmeen Prasad

Shezmeen is working on everything regarding events, organization and connecting conferences with Mozilla speakers.

Stormy Peters

Stormy is the Team Lead for the Developer Engagement team. managing it and evaluating our objectives.

Blog: http://stormyscorner.com/
Twitter: @storming

Tristan Nitot

Tristan is our Mission Evangelist and is focusing on the bigger picture of Mozilla.

Blog: http://standblog.org/blog/en
Twitter: @nitot

Will Bamberg

A picture of Will Bamberg Will is working on documentation for the Add-ons SDK (Jetpack).

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