SXSW 2010: Is WordPress Killing Web Design

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3 thoughts on “SXSW 2010: Is WordPress Killing Web Design

  1. liquidplastic62

    but WP is primarily a blog engine. You get much more freedom if you use a cms like MODx or even Silverstripe. How can WP give any designer freedom? What am i missing? As an afterthought, child-themes are awesome, particularly thematic. Go see.

  2. chilled99

    @TenTonBooks Hear hear, jolly good show! I’m a longitme web designer and I’ve jsut gotten into WordPress – What I thin kit does is free a designer to focus on design without the time and cost associated with setting up or building a CMS. It lets you be a designer again with the added bonus that the site is robust and manageable for clients.

    Stick THAT in your workflow pipeline and smoke it!

  3. TenTonBooks

    Is WordPress killing web design, or is lazy web design killing web design? WordPress is just a tool, no different than a pencil or paintbrush. Print designers imposing their preconceived idea of design onto the platform of the web hinders web design; lazy designers who don’t push WP hinders web design; not WordPress.

    The tool is indifferent. WP doesn’t make or break design anymore than a pencil makes or breaks a drawing. It’s the designer on the other end of the tool who’s responsible for that.

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