SVG Web Library and Open Web Advocacy

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19 thoughts on “SVG Web Library and Open Web Advocacy

  1. beancube2010

    Why should my personal phone number being hijacked by service providers? Phone number is a portable electronic entity to provide individual users convenience for electronic communication. Its portability must be protected by our public communication infrastructure and laws.

  2. assaado

    Excellent work!
    Is there away that Google can destroy IE for good? I mean it’s about time to get rid of this messed up “browser” 😀

  3. richcon

    @bluesrunthegame Google’s job is not to dictate what technology their customers use. Their job is to serve their customers regardless of which browser they’re using.

    As a web developer myself I understand the frustrations of trying to support IE. But I won’t take it out on my customers, and neither should Google.

  4. easyTree77

    +100000 insightful. Unfortunately, that’s not the way things work. Businesses will put their developers through a thousand years of pain – every day – rather than grow a spine and explain to their customers what’s what.

  5. bluesrunthegame

    If Google placed a message on their main page saying everyone should get Firefox or Opera, if they explained briefly the profound retardation the IE market share places on standards development, if they took an active step toward educating the masses instead of coddling them with VM’s, so many of the headaches associated with web development could be placated, ameliorated, or eradicated.

  6. TheSpareFish

    Seriously, Youtube needs to think about ways to normalize volume on audio tracks…I hate turning my volume up to 10 for one video and back down to 2 for the next.

  7. gorilla3d

    At my job I’ve been replacing a bit of the flash work with javascript based work, but there has always been the problem of creating more interactivity without degradation of performance and maintainability. I really hope more will adopt this just accept that flash is here for now until we can get something better.

  8. romannurik

    Congrats to the svgweb team for making this a reality. This is a REALLY promising toolkit.

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