Styling a Simple Form with CSS in Dreamweaver

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25 thoughts on “Styling a Simple Form with CSS in Dreamweaver

  1. TinchoNa95

    Hey! thanks for this great tutorial, but I had a problem how can I do to put my email in the css, so the people who wants to send me a messenge I could read it on my email home page. Thanks

  2. C0LEMAN777

    Hey thanks for the tut, believe it or not i came to this video with no knowledge of CSS and you gave me some basics thanks

  3. silentpro105

    Hey man, do u ever use firebug? The CSS changes translate really cool for beginners over videos like these…

  4. ahmedshaie

    tutvid, i wanted to ask, can you do a video tutoiral on a twitter style status box, with counters and rollover effects, i’ve tried to do it, but keep stuffing it up, or ending up without a clue, i have sent you a message before, but u haven’t replied yet

  5. imegglobal

    Hi there- Your videos are so helpful! But I am having a problem with my contact form. My comments field is not in block format. The word “Comments” appears next to the E-mail input field and the Comments text box is on the next line. Any idea where I went wrong? Thank you for all your help.

  6. lekofev

    Thank You so much Nathaniel, a’m learning a lot with your videotutorial, this code is a little hard, but i will try understand everycode^^, thank man, keep helping to world ^^,
    Greetings from peru ^^, Sorry for my bad English

  7. DrJams

    Don’t forget to use the accesskey Attribute in your forms. I love sites that use them. (so I can be lazy)

  8. Theben0987

    @davidknag If you go to his website, he has a tutorial on how to send it via php. 🙂 if not, just good, how to send mail via php.

  9. romanticblade

    @fredv1 it is true that to learn coding its better to use plain text editor, but when you get to difficult codes, it starts getting hard to orientate around. thats why Dremweaver is irreplaceable when actually managing the web site. you can directly upload the files to ftp and is great when ure not the only one working on it.

  10. JohnnyRock2000

    @fredv1 As you have said, if Dreamweaver is for noobs, what do you suggest? Experience is a teacher. Can you enlighten us at all. We are not geniuses here. Just looking for help in a complex display technology.

  11. scientist100

    @fredv1 not really, I use it for coding, ‘not for design’ but still is very helpful, when using any other program you sometimes misspell some words giving you headache, by the way I started using Programmer’s Notepad, google it, it’s great program. Handles php and many other languages, highlight etc 😉

  12. scientist100

    @tutvid you have a tutorial about this Nate and it works nicely, you should have pointed that out to him 😉

  13. scientist100

    even though the browser is smart enough to know that input is recognized as textbox, it’s a better idea to use type to be specific, just some things, to keep in mind, maybe you just forgot to point that out.
    – J.

  14. brownpauls

    Thanks for this tutorial. This is just the tutorial I needed to get me over the edge. For some reason CSS has always been challenging and its now starting to come together.

  15. shakaama

    hey what you think of aptana studio?

    I went to your website, the videos are so crystal clear on there. I didn’t realize how bad youtube is.

    Thank you for this tut btw.

  16. NobleValerian

    Bring it up and then don’t explain… smooth – one value affects top, right, bottom, left – two values affect top and bottom with first value and right and left with the second – 3 values affect top with the first, right and left with the second, and bottom with the third – 4 values are easy to remember as clockwise from the top – first value affects top, second affects right, third affects bottom, and last affects left.

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