State of the Docs, May 9th, 2012

By rights, today’s edition of “State of the Docs” should be a little light, since it has been only a week and a half since a very productive documentation sprint. But our amazing documentation contributors collectively do not rest, and so there is still lots to mention.

Outside the usual categories of docs, Tom Lowenthal created a page of privacy policy guidelines, with help from Jishnu Menon, along with a privacy policy template that you can fork on Github. If you missed the earlier Hacks post about privacy guidelines, check it out.

Help needed

Fbender added a note to the Talk page for JavaScript Functions and function scope that “conditionally defining a function throws an error in at least ES5 strict, possibly non-strict (at least soon), too, see Bug 609832 and Bug 585536. The section Conditionally defining a function should be updated to reflect those changes.” Want to make that change? Go for it!

Web standards docs

Mozilla technology docs

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