State of the Docs, June 7, 2012

It has been four weeks since the last State of the Docs update, so there is much to report. As ever, this is just a selection of the recent documentation activity on MDN.

Web standards docs

The Asian language localization communities have been especially busy:

  • Ethertank added or updated Japanese translations for lots of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript pages.
  • Masahiko Imanaka created Japanese pages for lots of HTML elements.
  • Potappo translated HTML content categories into Japanese.
  • Yyss created or updated Japanese translations for the SVG tutorial, and translated a number of HTML, JavaScript, and Firefox-related pages into Japanese.
  • Ziyunfei created or updated Chinese translations for lots of DOM and JavaScript pages, including window.requestAnimationFrame, Array join, and <progress>.

Mozilla technology docs

Mozilla project docs

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