Star Wars opening crawl in HTML & CSS

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18 thoughts on “Star Wars opening crawl in HTML & CSS

  1. CooperFBI

    That is very very good. My only disappointment was not seeing a HTML5 based Blockade runner being pursued by a Star Destroyer PNG.

  2. brotherbrown


    i don’t think polson45’s comment was necessarily spam, that’s poor moderation.

    can everyone please only post positive comments or those that allude to gesteves having a massive cock.

  3. gmailgeoff

    Guillermo, you’re a rock star, dude. The app was blasted when I tried to check this out the other day, so this is the first time I’ve actually been able to see it. It’s unbelievable, how well it’s done. Totally bad ass. Congrats on accomplishing it, and on the coverage too.

    Geoff / texburgher

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