Something Looks Different Around Here…

We’ve revamped the Hacks Blog! The old design was looking a little long in the tooth, and was built in an altogether less-responsive era. The new design has a few goals:

  • Look great on as many screens as possible
  • Get out of the way of some awesome content
  • Have the flexibility to show off larger images and HD video
  • Tie in more closely to the MDN branding

Over the next few months, expect additional tweaks as we settle into the new foundation. A huge thanks to everyone who helped battle-test, critique, and get the new visuals fit for the public.

If anything looks broken with the new design, please leave a comment on this post or file an issue on GitHub.


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5 thoughts on “Something Looks Different Around Here…

  1. Patrick H. Lauke

    on larger screens, there’s enough space for a right-hand sidebar, but there’s just empty space at the moment. looks a bit lop-sided…

  2. Sören Hentzschel


    I like the new design. But PLEASE add the date of the posts on the homepage. 😉

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