So you want me to talk?

"Do You Expect Me To Talk?"

I love public speaking – so much that I spent most of the last year on the road (39 conferences in 27 countries to be exact). This year, I thought I cut back a bit on that (so far I very much failed in that, but hey). Instead, together with my awesome colleague Shezmeen Prasad I am concentrating more on making other people in the Mozilla community speak. This means I want local people to step up and speak at conferences rather than flying around the globe for talks. This doesn’t mean that I won’t be speaking, it just means I want to be a bit more selective and I want to hand over opportunities to amazing people from the Mozilla community who would be easier for you to get to your conferences and get a chance to shine at the same time.

I am also a very busy man (yes, my Twitter stream might make you think otherwise, but I am not kidding) and I am getting roughly 200-300 emails a day and about an offer to speak each day. This is not boasting, I am happy that people want me to speak, and I don’t want to disappoint anyone.

This is why we set up a council of people in Mozilla who deal with all the speaking request the people from Developer Engagement get. All conference communication should go through that council so that we can avoid double bookings and frustrations on your and our side.

You can see where we will be speaking at the Where’s Mozilla site and in order to tell me about a great opportunity, here is what you do:

Send an email to which will go to the council. Please include (if possible):

  • The dates and location of your conference
  • The nature of your conference (who do you target, how many people you expect, how many talks will be there)
  • The nature of the talk (keynote, workshop, panel…)
  • If there are any travel arrangements or not

I have a few simple rules about my talks:

  • The slides will be public and I can’t provide them upfront (as I write a new talk every time)
  • I want a recording and coverage of the talk to be released after the conference
  • I want to have a prime-time slot or keynote (bored of half-empty rooms)
  • I talk about web development in a holistic sense, I am not the “Firefox guy” to go on a panel to fight with other browser makers – this is boring and destructive to the cause

Sorry about that, but I put a lot of work into my talks and I want to make it worth while for everybody.

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