Small Business Web Designer – Interview with Nick Wallace

In this six minute qanda interview with Nick Wallace, Small Business Web Designer member from Illinois we cover:

* What he does as a Web designer
* Skills required
* Educational pathways
* His experience at Illinois Central College (ICC) a Web Professional Academy
* Advice for those that aspire to be a small business Web designer

Small Business Web Designers are proficient in the visual arts and creating the images and designs that capture and keep visitors’ interest. They present aesthetically enticing designs that meet the requirements and preferences of their audience.

Small Business Web Designers wear multiple hats. For example, many Web Designers also provide Web Development and Web Business services such as programming, Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization and Web Administration.

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One thought on “Small Business Web Designer – Interview with Nick Wallace

  1. Nick Wallace

    Thank you for the interview Bill! I would like to add one more thing….

    Many thanks to Mark & Shari at ICC for teaching me the skills and tools needed to have a career in the Web Systems field. Their curriculum, patience and enthusiasm for teaching is second to none!

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