Should I go to college to learn web design and or web development?

21 thoughts on “Should I go to college to learn web design and or web development?

  1. Viewer2k08

    Haven’t logged into u2b for a while but had to1. To subscribe and 2. Thank you for the great info. Decided to take up web design/development but started with the self taught approach and was thinking about learning most of it prior to getting my degree but based off this video may just skip the degree all together (still debating though). Anyways, watched your pro. design vid #1 and then this, looking forward to watching the rest…maybe I can get some advice down the line, thanks again.

  2. jabcreations

    @MorrWind120 I live in Sarasota (hour south of Tampa) and went to “college” in Orlando. The economy isn’t good and the “recovery” is a fake, the US is far from hitting rock bottom.

  3. MorrWind120

    That is what I thought after you menchin were you went to college. How is the economy down their?

  4. jabcreations

    @Robertwright889 Wait till we have discussions on the new version of my site as it soaps your posts for you. 😀

  5. jabcreations

    @Robertwright889 *dies* Ah! No swearing! I haven’t hit beta yet, currently optimizing the site to load faster with caching and compression. Teachers make or break how much the time of taking the class is and whether it applies to the real world or not.

  6. MorrWind120


    Oh then never mind, oh well. What state your in? (massage me if you want to leak that information out. An you know what my state is if you still have that website that I gave to you.)

  7. MorrWind120


    It might take a day or two be for I get anything. Because I’m under the Eastern time zone.

  8. MorrWind120

    Your right on about some people not knowing about doing art. Any ways I’m still going into a different art stuff, but have to take on some web design as one of thos tack on class as you have asked Robertwright889. This gets a short comment to let you know I have gotten it.

  9. jabcreations

    @Robertwright889 Yeah, notice any political bias in history class? Yeah, I’ve been super busy speeding towards beta with my site but there’s just an immense number of things that have to be done to go live without having major headaches.

  10. jabcreations

    @jaciusceed The point of my video is to help people who are considering web design and or web development to not go at all even for a few classes to save themselves money, time, and the aggravation of being disconnected from reality. I learned everything I know from searching online and posting in forums.

  11. jabcreations

    @Robertwright889 Haha thanks…are you going to classes for the web or is it one of those tack-on classes?

  12. Robertwright889

    oh wow :D, long time no see!!, funny thing my next class is web-design (u have same bed spreads O_O as i do) odd

  13. jaciusceed

    Degrees merely help get you an interview these days.
    Unless you have a degree from a really good university that is.
    It’s really just to get your foot in the door, you need to nail any and all interviews to get the job over someone else.
    They will have a degree as well.

    Going to college for certain fields is a must though, such as a doctor.
    Others, you can get away with learning the basics at the college and just getting experience through actually doing the work.
    Love the subject or don’t go.

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