Short sweet doc sprint for March

This past weekend, a small band of hardy MDN contributors pitched in for the first of a monthly series of doc sprints. This sprint was organized on fairly short notice, yet a significant amount of work was accomplished.

Web standards docs

  • Jérémie Patonnier created a bunch of API reference pages for MozMobileConnection, and SVG attributes dx and dy, and did a “crazy bunch of clean up” on the SVG documentation.
  • Michael Beckwith cleaned up writing on isNan and indexOf, and made minor touchups to :active.
  • Kevin Brosnan updated the compatibility info in Supported media formats.
  • fusionchess expanded the paragraph on passing data in Using web workers and added an example of a generic “asynchronous eval()”.

Firefox OS and Apps

  • Gangadhar Nittala made his first contribution to MDN by changing the Apps manifest article to indicate that the .webapp extension for the file is mandatory, not just recommended.
  • Jonathan Watt added a section to Preparing for your first B2G build on how to update your B2G tree.
  • nullspace further clarified in Preparing for your first B2G build that there are gigabytes of Android libraries to download, which can take tens of hours (or days).

Mozilla technology

  • Cory Gackenheimer updated Web Console for bug 623749.
  • Trevor Hobson updated Styling a tree to reflect changes in Gecko 22.
  • Florian Scholz worked on Firefox dev-doc-needed issues:
    • Documented that a Mac OS X backend for the DeviceLightEvent is now implemented.
    • Updated CanvasRenderingContext2D for the now-implemented isPointInStroke method.
    • Documented the rename of the allowfullscreen attribute of the HTML iframe element in Firefox 18 and WebKit Nightly (was prefixed).
    • Documented that DOMImplementation.hasFeature() and Node.isSupported() will always return true starting with Firefox 19.
    • Noted that createElement(null) works like createElement(“null”) starting with Firefox 19.
  • Tom Schuster worked on lots of little dev-doc-needed bugs.
  • donghao526 updated the simplified Chinese translation of The essentials of an extension.
  • darktrojan added a table about bootstrap data in Bootstrapped extensions.
  • Cykesiopka updated the join() example in Path manipulation so that the MDN and Gecko in-source documentation match.
  • the prisoner updated the French translations of Firefox 19 for developers and Firefox 20 for developers.
  • complynx fixed links to mutation observers in Mozilla event reference.
  • Ernest Chiang updated the traditional Chinese translation of Persona Quick Setup.

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