Setup SVN Ubuntu

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7 thoughts on “Setup SVN Ubuntu

  1. dewhite765

    I was also wondering how to connect to a PC client from a linux svn server. I tried to follow your example for a Mac, but I don’t quite have the correct things defined. Maybe the problem is on the PC side.

  2. ronny0134

    Is it possible to access this from another PC?

    I’ve setup this right now, everything worked fine. But i need this as a solution for develop at my laptop (Windows) and run at my private server on the other room (Ubunta).

    I’ve ToirtoiseSVN installed at my laptop.

  3. zerobeholder

    I have recently been introduced to version control, which is what this is.

    Look into ‘git’ by Linus Torvalds. All the kids are doing it.

    Love nearly all your videos. I agree with the utility of this tactic, just quibble on the specific tool to execute.

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