Set Up a 960 Grid System web page – Part 2

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7 thoughts on “Set Up a 960 Grid System web page – Part 2

  1. prakash2187

    oh sorry sir. i am talking of vertical links, not horizontal links.
    if i indent to design a navigation toolbar which is veritcal. for eg:-
    About us
    Contact info

    So how to i approach to make this left navigation bar using grid system. Please help.

  2. waltdesignanddevelop

    @prakash2187 Easy to do. I had a site not to long ago, needed 6 horizontal links, and I was using a 12 column grid. So each link got the class of grid_2, and they fell in line perfectly.

    [a href class=”grid_2″] link 1 [/a] …. etc.

  3. prakash2187

    hi.,.thanks for uploading. it was helpful…

    i have a query sir.
    u have given an example of how to add a vertical navigation . if i need a horizontal navigation like usaullay 80% of wesites does, how do i use 960 grid approach for that?

    for eg:- i need a navigation toolbar at the left hand panel of the screen . i have a 6 tags to add in the vertical manner i.e; home, contact info, about us,etc. how do i use 960 grid for tha? please help..

  4. shakaama

    @waltdesignanddevelop oh i’m bad at design i never remember about multiple browsers. hence my one website that looks beautiful in firefox and a friggin box in IE 🙁 hopefully the new version will change all that.

  5. waltdesignanddevelop

    @shakaama I think it could be used for both, standardization and easy development for new designers. The 960 CSS Framework, or any other framework, should be easier for developers to make sites work better across multiple browsers, and work with standard browser sizes. Of course a good reset CSS file, which most frameworks include, helps a site support multiple browsers.

  6. shakaama

    ok after watching both and reading the website, it seems to me like not a standardization so much as an easy method to teach new designers how to make websites.

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