Set Up a 960 Grid System web page – Part 1

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12 thoughts on “Set Up a 960 Grid System web page – Part 1

  1. waltdesignanddevelop

    @archedmandible You can go to the website to download the files. They also have templates for different applications.

  2. waltdesignanddevelop

    @loc72 @electrofemme1 The new things I’ve done are louder. I’ll see about re-recoding these, or see if I can bump up the volume at least.

  3. waltdesignanddevelop

    @shakaama Just found out that they are putting PHP back in aptana for the next version 🙂 This would work with any text editor – I’ve even used Notepad++ for some projects.

  4. kaptinook

    @electrofemme1 Do me a favour – re do the video and turn up the volume please, its way to low for a good quality video

  5. waltdesignanddevelop

    Yes – I’m using Dreamweaver in the videos – covering it for a class I teach. I also use Aptana and NetBeans at my work. Aptana for client side scripting and CSS, NetBeans for PHP editing.

  6. playthecardz

    first of all. I just want to say thank you for taking time to try to educate the web community on 960. What editor are you using? Dreamweaver?

  7. electrofemme1

    great video! i don’t mean to be rude, but are you sick? or do you have allergies? because sometimes i have difficulty hearing what you are saying, not due to volume, but to enunciation…

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