Serif WebPlus X4 Tutorial – Quick Start

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6 thoughts on “Serif WebPlus X4 Tutorial – Quick Start

  1. DeadGunsx

    I am a new to the Web Plus X4 because I just buy the software & I thank you very much when I have Free Extra 5 Stunning Templates. Also I thank for 18 months Free web hosting. Very Special thank to the Lady who voice in this Tutorial ready help me learn step by step very easy. It help a lot than read in the book. (only thing is if you slow the mouse a little bit then better). Thank for all.

  2. SerifSoftware

    @ltkirby1989 Hi there ltkirby, items like you’ve described are usually placed on an underlying “master page”. Master page content is easily repeated on multiple pages, like a template within a template for consistency from one page to the next. You can open and edit a master page by clicking the Master Page button on the site tab, then double-clicking on the master page you want to edit (usually Master A in the case of our templates). HTH, Dale @ Serif.

  3. ltkirby1989

    With the ‘Construction’ template, it won’t let me edit the header text that says “Construction” in gold with some white writing under it saying “ALIQUAM DAPIBUS IPSUM VITAE SEM”. please help me. i realy like the rest of this template. thanks.

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