Serif WebPlus X4 Tutorial – Navigation Bars

8 thoughts on “Serif WebPlus X4 Tutorial – Navigation Bars

  1. SerifSoftware

    Hi Suchet9, yes we do have a tutorial on e-commerce, not a video though. You can find it by viewing our Online Tutorials, accessible via the Help menu. There’s a PDF tutorial there called E-commerce in the Further Development section. HTH, Dale @ Serif.

  2. SerifSoftware

    Hi RayC. Yes it’s possible to password-protect pages in your site, and there is a tutorial that can help, hope I’m not way too late in pointing you towards it. If you select View Online Tutorials in the product’s Help menu you’ll be taken to a handy page on our site, there’s an “Access Control and Mailing Lists” tutorial there, supplied as a PDF to make it easy to print. HTH, Dale @ Serif.

  3. SerifSoftware

    Hi MysticReverie. Yes you can do this, by adding a “virtual page” to your site structure that directs people elsewhere… click on the arrow next to the Insert Page button on the Pages tab and select New Offsite Link. This link becomes part of your nav structure, so you can make it a main heading in nav or a child of another page. When you add an Offsite Link a hyperlink dialog will pop up, you can choose Internet Page at the left and add the shop URL to the right. HTH, Dale @ Serif.

  4. MysticReverie

    Im trying to make a link from my main navigation bar that goes to an external webpage, but watever i do to the html, it keeps going to the same page. How do i make it go to a diffrent page?

  5. rayc76knoxville

    I just ordered WebPlus X4. Let’s see more tutorial 🙂 I really enjoy them. BTW, can you password protect access to certain pages? If so, a tutorial would be useful. Thanks again.

  6. Suchet9

    this is an excellent way of creating navigation bars fast – the tutorial is great – Do you have any tutorials which show e-commerce site creation maybe showing stuff like shopping carts, content management, etc?

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