Serif WebPlus X4 Tutorial – Adding a Photo Gallery

6 thoughts on “Serif WebPlus X4 Tutorial – Adding a Photo Gallery

  1. MistyQueef

    if I create a site and have pictures that are in a folder that is not viewable on the site, is it possible? to search for the name of the picture and then the searched picture apear?

  2. SerifSoftware

    That’s great to hear, thanks for your order. As a long standing PagePlus user I think you’ll take to WebPlus like a duck to water, I hope you enjoy using it and get the results you’re after. Dale @ Serif.

  3. Suchet9

    Fantastic! Ive placed an order yesterday. Its my first time using WebPlus when I get this X4 version – I have however been a user of Serif Page Plus for around 15 years or more and so look forward to using the WebPlus. Thanks for the wonderful and helpful customer service.

  4. SerifSoftware

    You can import HTML with mixed results, it’s a coin toss whether you should recreate the page in WebPlus rather than reworking an imported page, Suchet. But you can insert custom HTML snippets so your site remains as before – or better – with WebPlus X4, and add plenty of cool features like the photo gallery you mentioned. HTH.

  5. Suchet9

    Wow! Can I also use this to edit existing HTML I have created in another software and then add a photo gallery to it through WebPlus X4? If anyone can help – let me know.

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