Serif WebPlus X4 Tutorial – Adding a Blog

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4 thoughts on “Serif WebPlus X4 Tutorial – Adding a Blog

  1. herahaider

    excellent video SHERIF WEBPLUS software is excellent and help alot thanks to sherif
    im made alot of websites and they are much professional as compare to local web developer make

  2. SerifSoftware

    @kdm531 Try serif.c0m / webplus, they do full releases of the software sometimes with extra things included.

  3. Suchet9

    HI there – this is a great tutorial – I am having trouble adding photos to my blog entries – is there a way of doing that?

    Also it would be great if we had another in-depth tutorial on creating a blog in WebPlus X4 which you can update from anywhere – without having to use the webplus x4 to update it – ie if I was on holiday for instance etc

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