Serif WebPlus X4 Overview

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12 thoughts on “Serif WebPlus X4 Overview

  1. SerifSoftware

    @Downloadgenerator Hi Downloadgenerator, there is a written tutorial on Serif’s website to help users preview and publish their sites, I’ll send you a link to it in a message. Dale @ Serif.

  2. Downloadgenerator

    hey can you make a tutorial for how to publish a website in webplus X4 i cant publish my website into the internet

  3. Habbloxian

    @curbey1 From Serif’s site or retail stores. I got MoviePlus X3 from PC World and I’ve never used Windows Movie Maker after.

    I’m getting this and a host…

  4. SerifSoftware

    @LtSurge659 Hi LtSurge, yes there are free updates to registered users, to correct problems the developers fix, and exclusive upgrade promotional offers for future versions and other Serif titles. I hope you enjoy using WebPlus X4. Thanks, Dale @ Serif.

  5. LtSurge659

    I cannot wait to utilize this software.

    This is probably an easy question, but as long as I am the legitimate owner of a copy of this software, I am eligible for free or reduced cost upgrades?

  6. SerifSoftware

    @SharpBladeX10 Hi SharpBlade – I’d say Fry’s Electronics is a safe bet then, thanks for your inquiry and I hope you enjoy using WebPlus X4.

  7. SerifSoftware

    @SharpBladeX10 Hi SharpBlade, WebPlus X4 is appearing in an increasing number of stores in different countries, if you message me and let me know where you are I’ll find out where’s close by for you. Dale @ Serif.

  8. SharpBladeX10

    I’m planning to get this software but can I get this product at a store or I have to just buy it online and if yes what store? Sorry about my comment because my parents don’t order stuff from online.

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