Serif WebPlus X2 Website Maker Software

24 thoughts on “Serif WebPlus X2 Website Maker Software

  1. coolzooone

    oke. i download it right now. ;)) i have iven the serial number. hyhyhyhy…..

    if anyone want the serial 4 this program, leave to me a message.


  2. Spdowind

    sick program just got it for only 10 bucks off amazon. so easy to make good sites saves tons of time compared to using dreamweaver.

  3. Webs4Games

    Are you someone that wants a professional website for ANY reason but dont have a PayPal account to pay someone? Now you have an oppurtunity. Check out Webs4Games and get professional websites without needing a PayPal account!

  4. roachville666

    Its not that expensive, you should buy it, you get 18 months hosting thrown in with the new version too, fuggin freetards. It’s not like a $699 adobe app that everyone just has to rip off, this costs like 10 beers or something.

  5. ElementGuides

    Very very good program , used it at school and is really “Noob Friendly” You can make sites look good and it makes things simple for you but still you have controll over everything
    (by which I mean you can change the graphics/colours/etc to how you want)
    cough**cough**pirate**cough**bay**4**free 😉

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