Ruby on Rails demo

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24 thoughts on “Ruby on Rails demo

  1. rifanpermana

    @jhonvon1234 try or if doesn’t work, on console you type script/server -p2999 and then on your browser localhost:2999 or The 2999 is optional, i mean you can replace it as long as they are 4 digits

  2. voevodineu

    @vividself Yepp, keep launching copy-paste sites which look just like each other, their custom looking would cost you money anyway. An you go bankrupt when you cannot do a thing by yourself and hire a coder when you need to move menu from left side to right side

  3. vividself

    People just want to build websites they can use for business & all. Today with CMS I can create a blog site in under 15 mins with WordPress or Drupal, and easily an eCommerce site with Joomla. These CMS were created using PHP, and that’s why it gained much popularity. So if I create just one site with this method: ROR, I’d probably go bankrupt paying developers before I can even launch one. ROR has a very good potential, it just needs to catch up with PHP in terms of covering wide audience.

  4. chamillionz

    This guy makes it seem like you could create a web application using rails in 15 minutes, but he actually pastes quite a bit of code throughout most of the video.

  5. jhonvon1234

    Why does for me doesn’t work on my browser even if WebBrick already boot? Can someone help me? I’m still learning Ruby on Rail, and I’m stocked with this one >_<

  6. catalinaguerrero

    @Fluffier no, you have youtube, google, etc. not because of mega nerds but skilled engineers. a mega nerd dreams of being an engineer someday but he will never get there. mega nerd=amateur. engineer=professional. dhh=mega nerd.

  7. meghanaitsol

    Well…if any of u guys need a professional help in understanding Ruby on Rails..pls do contact us ..we provide online training for the same at affordable cost..heres my id.. meghanaitsol [at] gmail [dot] com

  8. djdarkmanx

    I think that PHP has the right amount of OOP, you can go Java-like with it if you want, you can even write most of the Ruby on Rails framework in PHP. Heavy OOP is not always the best way to go, it can make ridiculously simple things overcomplicated .

  9. Poppzan

    Okay sorry then, but that’s just what we think. We cannot know for sure but there is a good chance, that’s what I think. Ruby is 100% OOP which is an advantage already and is coded better. PHP was meant to be a template, not a scripting language from the beginning. I’m coding in PHP and I like it alot. I got nothing against PHP.

  10. djdarkmanx

    @ky0ung You don’t have a clue about this.

    1. PHP is an OOP language just like Java
    2. Ruby is a scripting language like PHP, and Python
    3. scripting language means that it gets interpreted and not compiled, which is by no means a disadvantage

    Next time, go lookup some information before posting comments that are totally wrong.

  11. djdarkmanx

    @Poppzan This is just speculation, there is no real evidence that justifies this claim, You and your teachers can be wrong, I see no real advantage for Ruby over PHP, other then it’s got, an aggressive marketing, but I don’t think it’s a good way to achieve attention.

  12. ky0ung

    @Poppzan I don’t think Ruby can be compared to computer programming languages such as PHP. Ruby is an object oriented programming language that is more comparable to Java or Python. PHP is just a general scripting language.

  13. Poppzan

    @djdarkmanx He’s right… Some day Ruby will becomer bigger than PHP/ASP. That’s what I think and that’s what my teachers think.

    /Web application developer.

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