Rollovers Using Dreamweaver (part 2)

14 thoughts on “Rollovers Using Dreamweaver (part 2)

  1. mjisonline

    I’m glad it helped. I am going to start working on more stuff for Dreamweaver and Flash. For example, how to create a Flash site and incorporate it into Dreamweaver. It’s simple, but what really gets hard is when your rollovers are in Flash. That takes actionscripting. These are coming… just need some time.

  2. mjisonline

    Sorry it took so long to write back. I’ve been busy with my classes and holidays. Dreamweaver doesn’t make it easy on us, so what you have to do is set your rollovers on each page. This is why you’re not getting any rollover animation and your links aren’t working.

  3. mjisonline

    Now that the Fall semester is over and I am a little bit better informed about Flash CS3, I can tell you that what you want need is through a lot of actionscripting, which is programming in Flash. I don’t know how to do what you were wanting. Sorry…

  4. anilm001

    Thanks so much. I finally found a tutorial that helped me learn Rollovers the most efficient way 🙂


    And Good Luck on future Videos!

  5. bdubl10n

    Thank you for the tutorial, have quick question though. my other pages’ rollovers won’t work, and the links don’t either, I see the link in the link window when I click on each button, but when I go online they don’t (and it isn’t the ad blocking bar at the top).

  6. hurtheart85

    Thanks for your reply and I really appreciate your help..
    Like you said Flash gives you more dynamic work but I find it kind of hard to learn.
    Any way thanks again.

  7. mjisonline

    Thanks for watching my video.
    You want your HOME menu to change to a color or shape, when you’re hovering over your CONTACT or other cell? I’ll have to get back with you, but I’m thinking you’ll have to design your menu in Flash. Flash allows you to have an “UP, OVER, DOWN, and HIT” state. You can incorporate a Flash menu into Dreamweaver. I’ll get back with you in a few days; I’ll investigate the first option; however, I’m pretty confident that you have to use Flash.

  8. hurtheart85

    Great job!!!
    but I have a small question…
    Can I modify another image when mouseover???
    For example, I mouseover NEXT and I want HOME to be in red!!!
    Thanks for ur help

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