RM Designz Thanks Ryan!

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24 thoughts on “RM Designz Thanks Ryan!

  1. jackykool

    Ms chanda am jakeline and need help, have lost my hair because of the chemotherapy. The hair growing bolder little by little and it wanted to know where I can buy a few good extensions of natural, alive hair in españa.
    please say brand to me
    Thank you

  2. alicia2ify

    Ive seen a few of your videos and you look great!!I know you save alot of money.Stylists try to charge so much and its not worth it.Your hair looks so natural I am impressed!!

  3. MsLucsiousdd

    I luv this look you have in this video!!! Do you have a tutorial for it? If not please do, when you have time. Thanks! You have some of the most helpful tutorials for weave on youtube. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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