Rising Pay for Web Professionals

Hiring for many IT titles is up, and there is a related boost in pay, with particular demand for Web and Internet-related positions, according to several salary surveys as reported in the Bloomberg BNA “Report on Salary Surveys” April 2014 edition.

‘‘The demand for highly skilled web and mobile designers and developers is at an all-time high and I only see it increasing. With so many choices for consumers, companies are all looking for a competitive edge, or at the very least, they want to make sure
they’re not losing users because their site or platform has an outdated look and feel,’’ Jeremy Weintraub, director, business development at Vitamin-T, a talent agency for digital creatives, told Bloomberg BNA in an interview.

According to the report, The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 20.1 percent employment growth for web developers between 2012 and 2022. This translates to 28,500 new jobs in a field that already had 141,400 as of 2012, according to BLS. The rapid growth is attributed to the popularity of mobile devices and E-commerce, according to BLS.

WebProfessionals.org Weighs in

Jobs evolve; more training is needed. The basic jobs involved in web development remain the same, but the scope of the profession has expanded since 1997, William Cullifer, executive director at Web Professionals, an association for web professionals, said in an interview with Bloomberg BNA. Most web jobs fit into one of three categories: design, development and business, according to Cullifer.

WebProfessionals.org was asked by the U.S. Department of Labor to become involved in updating web-related occupational classifications listed in O*NET (Occupational Information Network), particularly for the titles of web administrators and web developers, according to Cullifer.

Updating the occupational classifications are important because it provides a guide for schools to focus their curriculum around web studies and a career pathway program that matches employer demand, according to Cullifer. This can help to better align what schools teach to what companies need, according to Cullifer. These skills might include the ability to make a website more interactive—and lucrative, according to Cullifer. ‘‘People with social media skills are needed,’’ Cullifer said. In the past, it may have been enough for a company’s website just to exist, but now firms want their sites to generate revenue, he said. ‘‘It’s the next phase, and companies need to bring in people that can make the money happen,’’ Cullifer said.

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To participate in the O*NET (Occupational Information Network), particularly for the titles of web administrators and web developers, please contact WeProfessionals.org via the contact us page.

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