Recruiting a Web Developer

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22 thoughts on “Recruiting a Web Developer

  1. borgona362

    u guys r awsome…great producction…im thinking about becoming a web developer/desinner, so im doing in-depth research..i have bin in the graphic arts most of my life, mostly in print production, and so think is time for a change.. anyhow, u guys made laugh and all creative..good luck and take care… michael aponte, nyc

  2. ZopplerEntertainment

    I am great at creating high quality media tools if that is any help. Example: flash players, banners and graphics, and some animation. Oh yea, and since I’m 14 I would work for free lol. Tell me if ya need any help XD

  3. ixandre001

    awesome!!!!! I loved the video and I think it is an original way to bring talent into the organiation.. I constantly hire web developers for my company in many countries and this is a good way to do it… keep the good work and don’t let bitter people to prevent you of creating new ways of doing things.

  4. nexus2xl

    Hi, I would like to purchase your company 🙂

    …to sell it, in order to spare the world from this awful bullshit that makes one realize how unilaterally pathetic and hopeless humanity is; all of which is better off as a single enslaved society. All collectively focusing on a single task and not being allowed to think – in a lesser caste – would be the rightful given place of the these lesser individuals. This would be a great endeavor – hopefully leading to a true brave new world.

    Or not 🙂

  5. KWM47

    My name is Thomas Ford DBA KoolWorldMedia, I would be interested in joining up with you all.

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