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11 thoughts on “Re: Pink Glove Dance

  1. ProLifeWords

    Many scientists support abortion-breast-cancer link:

    Dr Joel Brind, Prof Biology/Endocrinology Baruch College
    Dr Angela Lanfranchi, Prof of Surgery, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
    Dr Janet Daling & J Dolle, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research
    Dr John Thorpe, Epidemiologist, U of N Carolina
    Dr Chris Kahlenborn
    Dr Holly Howe, NY State Dept Health
    Dr Leon Bradlow, Director, Strang Cornell Cancer Research

    Abortionists have been successfully sued by women for not disclosing abortion-cancer link

  2. ProLifeWords

    Breast cancer studies in China & Turkey (2009) reported significant elevated breast cancer? risk in women with abortions

    Turkish breast cancer study published in World J of Surg Oncology 2009;7:37

    China breast cancer study by Humana Press, online publication Sept 2009

    Many US breast cancer studies depend on funding from National Cancer Institute. NCI relies on funding from abortionists & pro-abortion US Representatives in government. Thus NCI is under pressure to conceal abortion-cancer link

  3. terrecepink

    The pink glove dance was so great to be a part of in Chicago! Sharing HOPE and awareness in such a fun, creative way–so much energy and wonderful memories! Thank you Medline for putting it together. I love the CANBY video because that is where I grew up–for anyone reading this, my daddy was
    Dr. Richard W. Clarke–he died from cancer when I was 5 yrs. old. Participating in the pink glove dance as a breast cancer survivor is a cherished moment in many ways for me!

  4. tario48

    I agree… awesome video and a great message too! And I also thought the janitor dancing was really good! I had a smile on my face from start to finish!

  5. mbarnes02481

    Every woman should know about the link between vitamin D deficiency and breast cancer. Over two? years ago the Canadian cancer society started recommending that everyone take vitamin D to prevent cancer. The site vitaminD3world has all the information, google it!!

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