Putting the Fun in Functional: Applying Game Mechanics to Functional Software

20 thoughts on “Putting the Fun in Functional: Applying Game Mechanics to Functional Software

  1. rajatrocks

    My company, Bunchball, provides many of the game mechanics that Amy Jo describes as a web service that can be integrated into any site or application.

    If you’re interested in more info on this topic, we tweet whenever we find interesting examples of game mechanics in the wild, just follow “bunchball”.

  2. PuerinTheHunter

    Game mechanism types:
    * collection (completing a set) of tangible things
    * earning points (given by the system or other players, with redeemable prizes, leaderboards)
    * feedback (so that the players becomes better)
    * exchange (taking turns, social exchanges, each player giving mutual feedback, trading, making allies, going back and forth, customizing interfaces, …)

    * accessibility (UI, devices, open APIs)
    * recombinant data objects (mash ups, customization)
    * syndicated

  3. PuerinTheHunter

    If the skills are high and challenge low – boring game.
    If the challenge is high and skills are low – anxiety.
    When both are low and progressively higher – good flow of game.

    Social Media is player-created content, in a social infrastructure which has tools for sharing.

  4. PuerinTheHunter

    A game is a system in which players engage in an artificial conflict, defined by rules, that resuls in a quantifiable outcome. (from “Rules of Play”)
    The Sims is a structured experience with rules and goals that is fun.

    Games tap into our primal response patterns (reinforcement schedule: the frequency at which rewards are giving to make the subject give a response, the best being a unpredictable schedule – variable rate/intensitity).

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  7. parallax7d

    I’ve played my fair share, and it’s frustrating when you are tricked into wasting your time because of techniques like this. Now the only games I play are actually fun and make me feel like I’m having a good time.

  8. grampaj0e

    I’m guessing you’ve never played a video game, or pretty much any game for that matter. These techniques would work on me.

  9. Quast

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  10. oghgo

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