pumashock.com is live!

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24 thoughts on “pumashock.com is live!

  1. bei916

    im so jealous that you got to go to korea…..i always dreamed of going there… love your voice!!! keep up the good work…

  2. bluehousetop

    I’m really glad to see your videos again.
    you seem to became more and more beautiful.
    your new music is beautiful and calm.

  3. iw2bhappy

    i checked out your sight and downloaded your remixes luv, U are on blast on my iTunes. Have you ever considered having the lyrics posted in Korean on your videos . Yeah this Brooklyngirl would like to sing along. Peace

  4. lifehappens

    i downloaded gilded girl yesterday and my playcount right now is 52…hahah suffice to say thats all ive been listening to. i really cant wait for more of your original songs!

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