PimpStar by DUB

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25 thoughts on “PimpStar by DUB

  1. nce2tuch

    THis is NOT PIMP…its some silly shit that REAL car mofo’s would NEVER crucify their HOT shit with pictures of stupid shit on your wheels…that shit is just like LED windsheild washer nozzles. might as well put a strobe light on ya wheels…str8 stupid…u gotta drive some WACK shit to kill it further with that…Dudes with real Whips know Better!

  2. runescapeswordshow

    lol put a dick for the girls on one side and boobs for the guys on the other.EVERYONE LOSES! 😛

  3. Vchenzo335ix

    When all of u morons buy them u could all write “I’m a gay ricer” on them! AWESOME!! Those are so fuckin GAY and HIDEOUS…

  4. timmyfasho

    why black people so gay? i thought i was gonna see a dick pop up any second… the money you wasted on those rims could have been spent on feeding one of your hundreds of kids or baby mama on welfare

  5. rcolon106

    That Shit is Fly. Can’t wait till it become’s avail to all wheels. Then it’s the turn of the century.

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