PHP Tutorials: Dynamic pages (Update)

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16 thoughts on “PHP Tutorials: Dynamic pages (Update)

  1. TheGolfSpace

    Thanks for this video. I love to watch php tutorials so I can learn. But next time tell them not to run the vacuum!

  2. punxz18

    if i’m not mistaken this is for 1 section only(correct me if i’m wrong), how about when i have multiple directories, lets say i have 2 directories the inc and inc2, how will i do that?

  3. tussu111

    If you cant get it by first time, just pause and rewind? I watch one and same video like ten times, before I move on to next.

  4. KingNetherdrake

    I see you have a huge security risk, and I see you’ll update soon.

    Anyway in your first version you actually didn’t have that if people don’t put their config.php in inc/ but in for example includes/

    Only in your second version you put in the security issue, I actually thought with the else you were gonna fix it. But alas, we’ll wait 😉

  5. omanoman98

    Hi there…
    I’m just trying to understand the risk here…
    Here is my directory structure:
    and here is the URL:
    and passwd.php is not shown up!
    The output is:
    Sorry mate: that page does not exist!
    Any help would be appreciated

  6. KoolKid417

    What happens if the user does index.php?page=/../../../htpasswd or config.php or anything like that..

    Huge security risk imo.

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