PHP & MySQL Web Development – Part 1

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25 thoughts on “PHP & MySQL Web Development – Part 1

  1. MindlessGimboid01

    @mrgimp420 @mrgimp420 Lol I totally agree I would have so stood up and shouted “shut the fuck up and let me speak for once”…Something like that at least.

  2. Eddyutub

    AFF she talks way too much, great ozzie accent annoying woman no sense whatsoever GO-CODE! -.-
    even the cameraman realises that halfway through the interview. LOL
    Gratz to u all.

  3. mrgimp420

    Man I hate women like that. She wont let him speak, and when he does speak, she finishes all his sentences, or is nodding and saying ‘yep’ ‘mm hmm’. Notice that when she speaks, HE SHUTS UP!!!! Whatever though. Women need to be the center of attention.

  4. novajon

    Im from middle England dude so i am ok with the English language and i got my A-level to say so lol :-p

  5. pacboom

    helo, if theirs anyone here,knows how to connect vb6 into php, i dont have any idea about that,using mysql,,how vb6 can access the database of php

  6. silverphp

    LOl i just bought this book… its really good, doing oop atm… but its cool but the authors might be propa geeks! HAIL

  7. obliviondick

    i agree she seems to be very impatient!!!lol.. wont give the dude a chance to speak..seems to show too much confidence too.. but when you know your stuff i guess you know your stuff

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