PHP Lesson 08: Logging out a User

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15 thoughts on “PHP Lesson 08: Logging out a User

  1. sachiniec

    How to logout (destroy the session ) if the browser is closed insted a logout link is clicked …..???
    I want to destroy the session when the browser is closed ….Plz Help

  2. AceProgrammer

    To define where the variable is stored. Such as if the server needs to look locally or in a cookie on the client’s computer

  3. juicefreakz

    thanks man, ive been doing plenty with php but never worried about sessions and user logins, tutorial 8 followed by this was great! thanks

  4. jrox007

    Found one problem (or maybe not a problem). When you log in as Bob, you get the welcome “you are logged in” page/phrase. If you refresh the screen at that time, it will revert back to the login screen, it will NOT give you the “Logout” option. May not be a problem or that may be how things work. Nice tutorial.. I learned quite a bit. Now I’m going to read over this and understand it.

  5. koepked

    Hey man, what software are you using to edit the code? I’ve been using Notepad2 and I dig it, but some sort of eclipse-like IDE would be cool, and it looks like you’ve got just that.

  6. TheaDragonSpirit

    Thanks a lot learning quite a lot off your tutorials much better then standard text books ones! Thanks a lot!

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