PHP Lesson 07: Keeping user logged in with Sessions

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10 thoughts on “PHP Lesson 07: Keeping user logged in with Sessions

  1. shakafx

    your videos are very helpful keep it up.
    if i have suggestions on how to do a certain thing can you do that.
    thank you.

  2. Banned456

    I have a problem when I try this. I have checked 5 times that I did the exact same thing you did but still I can’t make the php parts work. EX: when you did the “You are now logged in” part in the body of the html I just get a “You are now logged in” even though I did not log in and when I try to log in with the username and password I made it didn’t say “Login successful”. Dreamweaver CS3, notepad, conTEXT, Eclipse. Just won’t work

  3. freddy50505

    Hey Joseph. Nice video. There is a Trojan at the other end of that link, man. I was hoping I could get some more info, but all I received was a Trojan. I took care of it though. I just wanted to let you know what the deal is with your link.

  4. guruji01

    wow! that was just super helpful…
    cool things i learned:
    and the cool use of curly braces (with the if statements at the end) that goes against the convention in most languages…rite?

  5. tacobender5000

    Hi. I wanted to thank you for these videos. They’re helping me out a lot.

    I had 1 issue though. If I delete cookies in IE 6 or 7(not sure about other versions) it still shows that I’m logged in.
    Firefox works fine though. Although I prefer firefox, i think 50% of the people on my website would like IE support 🙂

    Thanks again for your help,

    Brandon Brown

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