Photoshop Website Design – Nav Bar

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18 thoughts on “Photoshop Website Design – Nav Bar

  1. pfltuts

    @mattreeves437 I know it’s kind of late, but.. When I create a header and navigation bar, I pretty much free hand it. I can normally tell at a glance if the proportions are off.

    You can also tell by going off of your navigation bar. Make you font about 15px, and then center it within a box, and work off of that.

  2. mattreeves437

    When you are making your header and navigation bar are you just free handing the rough size or are you somehow setting it to a specific size?

  3. JustaFreak15

    I think i understand what I did, because I was making that statement based on the Text Outline.. instead of the actual text.
    When I did so on the actual text, it worked fine. Thanks for gettin back to me though.

  4. moonshiry

    @JustaFreak15 u either rasterized the text, meaning making the text into an image or you are just selecting it wrongly. Use the Text tool and press on the words again. if it doesnt work, means you have flattened the image already (meaning rasterized i think)

  5. khuram855

    pixel for life i have a problems in video part 2 time 2:47 that you say some thing select delete inverse and delete i dont now how to delete please help me how can delete that

  6. vegasgm85

    Awesome video! Your real easy to follow (for a beginner like me)… How about slicing and adding the links?

  7. kuunami

    This is really helpful. What’s great about this tutorial compared to a lot of the other ones is that you did things from scratch rather than using elements from a project CD or file.

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