Photoshop Website Design – Header

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25 thoughts on “Photoshop Website Design – Header

  1. pfltuts

    You could click the top layer, scroll to the bottom of all your layers (with the top one selected). Hold down Shift and click the last layer (all will be selected).

  2. blaqmamba7000

    Iam having trouble modifying my theme…everytime I try to modify then load up on to my webpage I get a blank page and have to delete php nuke all over again.

  3. OneGiblin

    My photoshop is going crazy, it keeps taking me to the hand tool when i try and do the masking.
    do you know what the problem is?

  4. opjjuly

    hey steven, my photoshop cant drag 3 items together into the workspace…its like one image displaces another…how do i drag them all to the workspace?

  5. dodix64

    hey can anyone tell me where can i find a website that i can download a photoshop from it 🙂 … and if u know please message me or reply on this video
    thank u

  6. themewz

    thanks it really helps but you went to fast while doing specific actions, would be better if you slow down for pspnewbs:D

  7. pfltuts

    I normally go with .PNG because the image quality is perfect. You can also some times go with GIF or JPG, you just have to watch the file size. GIF is more if there are only a couple colors used.

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