Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Simple Web Header Bar

25 thoughts on “Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Simple Web Header Bar

  1. puffnpluky76

    Hey tutvid. I noticed that in Dreamweaver you can link only some parts of an image. You could use those icons on the header bar to link to other pages in your website.

  2. AL7boob1

    your English is amazing ….
    my English is not really good but u make me understand ..
    Thank You

    also your teaching is really good
    thanks man and we need more

  3. famousmoney123

    Nice Video, Could you guys go to my channel, watch some of my videos, and subscribe? if u like them.

    Thanks, FamousMoney123

  4. elobiretv

    @yurikenn learn to use proper grammar for a start. secondly he needs to speak in his videos. most people watch these tutorials to learn more about photoshop not to mimic how to do something.

  5. sunioj101

    Yea man, the reason why his tutorials are so good is because he teaches us how to use many more features not only to mimic his, but to create our own things.

  6. thetechall

    @yurikenn If he didnt talk then his tutorials wouldnt be as good as they are. they go indepth so if you dont like it dont watch it

  7. yurikenn

    American fool, talking much and doing little. You talk too much, stop talking and do the tutorial faster and less boring. View your tutorial was a waste of time, all the time you spend talking and talking. The longer video with little gilipoyas benefits. Atte: Tu male

  8. yurikenn

    Americano tonto, hablas mucho y haces poco. Hablas mucho, deja de hablar y haz el tutorial mas rapido y menos aburrido. Ver tu tutorial fue una perdida de tiempo, por que todo el tiempo te la pasas hablando y hablando. El video mas largo y con poco beneficios gilipoyas. Atte: Tu macho

  9. ucantburpthis

    thanks for the tut
    and new kb shortcut learned for me
    the spacebar while dragging shapes.. really useful ^^

  10. roadman73

    For a Newbie working with PS,Dw and Ai i really appreciate the work you put into making the Tuts for us. Many Thanks

  11. tashtan1

    i wish i had a website i would use this tut to make my self menu bar header and menu buttons this looks real nice, thanks hopefully i’ll use it some time later cause i am willing to learn html,php and little bit of sql,

  12. thehackerization

    Hey tutvid i admire your videos and love them. But i think you should show how to desgin our youtube channels by ourself in Photoshop. That would be great because there is no straight video on youtube “How to make a youtube Layout” Or which is working. So i kindly request it. It will get us more proffesnail in Youtube. So please help us with this. I also think all of your Suscribers want it.
    All his Suscribers please make this comment thumb up so Tutvid can see it.

  13. AndersTherkildsen

    @minhmeo1209 You have to save the FLA file in a folder, then publish the .FLA file, which will create an SWF file and an index file. Open the index/projectname file by dragging it to dreamweaver or right clicking on it and open in dreamweaver. Rename it, and upload both files to your ftp and you should be good.. 🙂

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