Photoshop Magic Eraser Tool

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25 thoughts on “Photoshop Magic Eraser Tool

  1. jossball

    hello, your tutorial was good, but i have a question, i want to delete the background of a cartoon car, soo, when i load my car into a black background there is a white outline, i have tried to much methods but they dont work please help me

  2. cportoraro

    this is a really good tutorial. your exolanantions is so clear. do you have anything similar but on how to remove shadows.

  3. sdutango

    i’ve been a photoshop user for years, and i believe this is just a tutorial for beginner. i didn’t benefit watching this. maybe it would help others. there are many ways to remove the shadow but this is just not it.

  4. XoOMaxOoX

    lool its not bad but it still got some of the white background on the hair i believe… how would u get rid of this? ^^

    and btw i wouldn’t scale an image without holding the shift key as it keeps up the right proportions ^^

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