Photoshop CS5 Tutorial : How to make a sexy clean modern portfolio website layout

17 thoughts on “Photoshop CS5 Tutorial : How to make a sexy clean modern portfolio website layout

  1. TheStudioOnlinne

    You need to link these things in the video..
    And also, take the time to make a video, don’t rush it. 2/5

  2. JermaineJHaggerty123

    Bro you should do a tut on how to make a Person into a vector/Cartoon On photoshop. That would be awesome 🙂

  3. PeeLeDFrOmTHeINsiDe

    Loosing interest in this channel. Yes he does do what he says he will, but there is just to much time waiting for another video. And when they finally come out the video is not that advanced and little to simple. I understand many viewers may be beginners, but come on. And what happened to the series on how to make your own website?!?

  4. eacooo

    dont like it, nothing really special about this tutorial. any photoshop user that have avrage knowledge of the program can make this .. ur supposed to show us things that u find VERY useful and rare, things that ppl wont figure out unless they study the program or watch a tutorial

  5. TagTeamDesignsUK

    Yo i found tht font on a website and it wanted me 20 pay $30 but i dunno how much i woulda payed in ounds

  6. GhostHunta88

    Don’t like this one, do a Web 2.0 design like a solid one no opague one…. just a solid web 2.0 design

  7. luciferdiablo16

    Awsome ! glad to see your back ! Thanks for taking some of your to do this ! we appreciate it ! 🙂

  8. GraphicAbility

    I lime how that font cost $30 and you say you don’t know how you got it xD *cough* piracy *cough*

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