Photoshop CS5 – Cool Watercolor Effect

25 thoughts on “Photoshop CS5 – Cool Watercolor Effect

  1. Brittany250193

    hahahaha your sleepy?
    You made me giggle a lot at your jokes and loss of train of thought.
    brilliant video tho

  2. LilyJaneProductions

    Everytime I drag a picture in Photoshop, it just starts a new project instead of creating a new layer…I don’t understand. Help?

  3. iPaulEchevarria

    It doesn’t work for me….I did everything carefully but when I use the brush to make the image show up..It won’t happen..please help…

  4. Katonics

    Another question. I have CS4. How do you resize the image manually were you can drag the edges, with out using the Image size panel.

  5. Katonics

    Ok, i got a question. I downloaded the brushes. Now how do i use them in photoshop? like do i need to put the folder some where?

  6. rnci

    It has been a long time i didn’t hear Tenacious D(I see you have a folder there :D) And World of Goo was a funny game too 😛
    Thanks for the watercolor effect, i couldn’t make it at first because i didn’t click on the black background. 🙂 (4:27)

  7. xXWoRMachineXx

    You put me to sleep, sir…..not that your boring. I subbed. It’s just, your voice is calming and relaxing.

  8. Xinoutorah

    @bigplayer2382 He does have a calming voice. It’s funny because that’s the same reason I watch some makeup videos even though I don’t wear makeup, I just enjoy listening to some of the youtubers because of their soothing voices.

  9. MooreCona

    Whats world of Good and whats Stream ?

    Thats what she said hahaha Legend! you get a sub just for saying that hha 😛

  10. VViP30U7

    @VViP30U7 I clicked cancel after that comment, I thought it wouldn’t appear. Sorry, that was uncalled for.

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