Phones for Apps for Firefox OS

Hello HTML5 app developers, the open mobile web is calling.

We know you’re out there, chomping at the bit, coding, testing, reading documentation, downloading and running the Firefox Simulator. And you’re ready to ‘Send to Device.’ You just need to get your hands on a device.

Today we’re announcing a new program with you in mind. We call it: Phones for Apps for Firefox OS.

Firefox Marketplace on the Geeksphone

Firefox Marketplace on the Geeksphone Keon

Maybe you’ve built apps in the past for Chrome, webOS, Blackberry WebWorks, or the PhoneGap store. Maybe you’ve created beautiful web apps for a desktop environment and now you want to port them to mobile. Maybe you’re a student about to start a summer break. We know you may not live anywhere near Bogota, Colombia or Warsaw, Poland, locations of upcoming App Workshops.

Wherever you are

Wherever you are, if you can show you’ve got a great app idea and the skill to build it, we’d love to see your apps in the Marketplace when the Firefox OS launch begins later this summer. And to sweeten the deal, we’ll send a Firefox OS Developer Preview device for you to work with now.

When Firefox OS phones become available to consumers in select locales this summer, you’ll have an opportunity that only comes around once—a first-mover advantage in Firefox Marketplace. End users in Latin America, Eastern Europe and other launch locations will be on the lookout for playful and practical apps to install: games, tools, and utilities as well as locally relevant news, sports, travel, entertainment, review apps, and social sharing experiences. And you can build and submit them now!

Apply now

Tell us about the Firefox App you’d like to build or port. If your proposal is accepted, we’ll send you a Geeksphone Keon. Our device inventory is limited and our launch dates are approaching fast, so act now. This program will close at the end of May or when our limited supply of Geeksphones runs out. There’s a limit of one phone per app proposal. We can’t wait to see what you’re working on. There’s never been a better time to get started.

Apply here.

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