One more option to follow the Firefox Developer Tools progress

When we write about the Developer Tools in Firefox here on Mozilla Hacks, there is always a strong interest in the progress and new features. We will definitely continue to do so on a regular basis, but we also have another way for you to stay on top with the progress the Dev Tools team are making.

A Developer Tools-centric Twitter account

The Developer Tools team have launched a Twitter account, @FirefoxDevTools, where they will talk more about all the work and improvements they are doing.

Articles on Mozilla Hacks

Here on Mozilla Hacks you can always follow along in the Developer Tools category, and recently we have had a number of interesting posts:

The above posts cover really interesting areas like:

  • Network Monitor
  • Console Clean Ups
  • Source Map Sourcery
  • Font Inspector
  • Which part of a web page are being re-painted
  • Debugger Developments
  • Remote Style Editor
  • Multiple Paused Debuggers

Helping you to develop better

We hope you will get great value and regular updates from the @FirefoxDevTools account, and we’ll make sure to continue having good in-depth articles here. We’re working hard on making your experience as a developer better, and an important part of our goal there is to be able to offer you the tools you need.

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