OhScottyDoesKnow’s Legend of Dragoon support group re-instated

14 thoughts on “OhScottyDoesKnow’s Legend of Dragoon support group re-instated

  1. talaie

    Scotty, It’s Sam from the group, one of the former writer. I had no idea the group feel apart. Things where going pretty badly when I left any way. I saw Joe’s response and I’m with him I’ll join again if you can give me some idea of where this is going. Not sure if I’ll be of any help since I have a part/full-time job. Still have the unfinshed movie script draft. My writing has gotten much better. I could turn the script into something else if so be it. Leave a message on my page here.

  2. Nirashi

    @OhScottyDoesKnow no peroblem at all man im still here and im sure many more are aswell this time lets give it 110% this time

  3. Nirashi

    @OhScottyDoesKnow no problem at all man im still here and im sure many more are aswell lets give it 110% now

  4. SilverFlames

    Hey, I know it’s been 2 years, hey, I know you haven’t done this for a long time, hey I know you probably don’t support this anymore, hey, hey, hey, but I thought I’d just let you know that I completely support this.

  5. chaingangchad

    Good luck. I never had the pleasure of being a part of your support group last time, but this game was great, and I too have long hoped for a continuance. I can’t say I have any special skills that can aid the cause, but I’ve always been a fan of this game, so I’m behind you 100%.

  6. OhScottyDoesKnow

    I’m gonna start a new LoD Petition for support group videos on Youtube to not magically De-sync audio and video halfway through the presentation. Who agrees?

  7. OhScottyDoesKnow

    @Nirashi Thank you! As Rose said: ” I have been waiting for this moment.”

    Thank you for welcoming me back to the cause, too! It means a lot to me, Nirashi.

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