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  1. hofstetter06

    Can’t wait to get there at least once this year! Will definately make time to get in to see this video. Huskers 2010 Big XII Champions

  2. MXRider082

    Is this Bo’s voice for the voice over? This film looks awesome..Fall cannot get here soon enough. Cornhuskers are back!

  3. codywrohrig

    Was like the 4th person to see this film in the experience room! It was the most breath taking video anywhere for Nebraska. If you don’t get chills watching this well I don’t know

  4. marble157

    i’ve seen the video twice now, it is an absolute must for any husker fan and it will help feed your hunger for husker football until Sept. 4 and Western Kentucky. by chance does anyone know what the NEBRASKA font is?

  5. hagdesigns

    I saw the whole film in the experience room a few weeks ago. AMAZING WORK! I would gladly pay money to be able to buy this!

  6. DaakeDesign

    @x3huskers2x Currently the only place the film can be viewed in its entirety is in Memorial Stadium. We’ve been getting a lot of questions like this. If things change, we’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date.

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